If you’ve got a project which needs to be delivered to a high standard, on budget and on time, it’s essential to have a strong Project Management Office (PMO). A PMO performs an essential part of the process, even though it’s not involved explicitly in decision-making.

Our SAP® & PRINCE2 qualified associates at MGM & CO. have extensive experience in providing PMO services which perform above and beyond expectations. They can also help you with ERP solutions

Professional skills

We believe that an professional accountancy practice is naturally matched to providing PMO and ERP services because many of the core skills and attributes overlap.

Some of the essential functions provided by a PMO include:

  • Gathering data
  • Producing reports
  • Checking and enforcing standards and compliance
  • Managing resources
  • Providing mentorship
  • Tracking the project’s progress
  • Monitoring cost and spending
  • Developing baseline standards and processes

MGM & CO. can offer all of the above, and much more. We believe every detail contributes to the wider plan and are scrupulous about following up on each area within the project.

Providing support for success

PMO services form the spine of every successful project and we’re proactive in helping to ensure you meet all your goals. Utilising a cross-departmental approach, we can provide expertise in communication and analysis, ensuring that every member of the project has a clear understanding at all times.

We can adopt our role to suit your particular needs, whether you need someone to lead the way or simply provide complementary expertise. Our flexible and customised PMO services packages are tailor-made specifically to each of our clients to ensure we achieve the very best outcome.

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Our transparent, friendly and professional PMO services ensures that your project is the success it deserves to be.

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